Rolesville boy, 3, helps land 250K Pepsi grant

A 3-year-old Rolesville boy has helped spur a national nonprofit organization to victory in an online grant competition worth $250,000. Matthew Wuchich, 3, was diagnosed with alternating hemiplegia of childhood when he was 18 months old. He appears… Read More

Determined Family Seeks Cause, Cure for Child’s Disease

A Rolesville boy with a rare disease has a chance at something almost as unlikely. Matthew Wuchich’s parents are willing to do almost anything to increase awareness and research funding for AHC, or alternating hemiplegia of childhood. Read… Read More

Family Desperate For Votes Seeks Grant To Fund Research For Young Child With Rare Disorder

A Rolesville, NC family is hoping to win the Pepsi Refresh Project that could help to find a cure for a rare neurological disorder for which there is no current cure. Matthew Wuchich, age 3, was diagnosed with… Read More

Run for the money: Aunt is aiming for 1000 miles to help niece

When Gara Sliwka, originally from Riverview, learned that her niece, Delaney, was diagnosed with an incurable neurological disease, she wanted to help, but didn’t know how. She found a way, and she’s been working on it every day… Read More