Brittany Deluke Interview about AHC

Brittany Deluke a beautiful 24 yo with AHC and her parents and sister were interviewed on Fox TV Orlando. They did a great job expressing what it’s like having AHC. Brittany’s Interview  

Rock the Reel News Article

Click here  for the Rock the Reel News Article written about the event in honor of Kiley Andrasco

2012 Bridge Grant Updates

1/8/2013 – Final Report Aim 1: Identify key genes and mechanisms causing AHC, ensure pathophysiologic studies to prove functional relevance of mutations identified, perform genotype/phenotype correlations, help ensure widespread dissemination of study results, identify potential therapeutic targets in… Read More

Rare Disease Day 2013

February 28, 2013 is Rare Disease day!  Help AHC be heard in the Rare Disease Community! Sharing experiences helps people understand what it is like to live with a rare disease. Go here for ideas and to share your story… Read More

January 18th – International AHC Day!

Join us in celebrating International AHC Day! One year ago today, the ATP1A3 gene that is a cause of AHC was discovered. Each year, we will celebrate our past accomplishments and look foward to those goals set by… Read More