AHC Day Kamin Foundation Donation

Happy International AHC Day! As promised in last week’s announcement, there is more exciting news to share as we kick off 2017. The Jake and Nina Kamin Foundation family of AHC sufferer Asher Cohen, has awarded the AHC Foundation another $125,000.00 for critical research in helping us find a treatment for our children! You may recall, the Jake and Nina Kamin Foundation awarded us $125,000.00 back in March 2016, so this marks the second grant they have awarded to the AHCF!

These funds will be applied to the research project titled “Therapeutic Effect of Various Approved Drugs and Experimental Compounds in the D801Y Mice”, under the direction of Dr. Al George, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

For background, the D801Y mouse model and Dr. Thomas Holm joined our research group in early April 2016, as Dr. Holm helped characterize the D801Y mouse model while a postdoctoral fellow at Aarhus University.

There are no words to express our gratitude to the Jake and Nina Kamin Foundation for their continued generosity in support of our children. Please continue to stay tuned, as we will have even more exciting news to share in the coming months. This is just the beginning…cheers to 2017!


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