AHCF President to speak at the Rome Symposium


From Lynn Egan: “In a week, I will travel to Rome to attend the “2nd Symposium on ATP1A3 in disease” on behalf of AHCF. I’m excited to be participating and hope to bring back information about new research or new findings”.

In addition, Lynn will be giving a presentation on the International AHC Alliance and attend a meeting with the Heads of the AHC Associations. She will be accompanied by Dr Kathy Swoboda from the University of Utah and Dr Al George from Vanderbilt.

Lynn will also distribute materials about AHCF and hopes to generate interest in the Foundation and promote understanding of the needs of the AHC patient and their families as she meets with the researchers and other scientists.

We’ll be looking forward to pictures from the Symposium and the reports from our attendees upon their return!

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