Analysis of Gene Sequencing to begin

The first installment of the Pepsi grant money has allowed us to use the latest genetic sequencing technology available.  As a result of this complete sequencing, we have unparalleled resolution of each subject’s genome. Theoretically, this should prevent any genetic mutation from being concealed (within the 3 billion nucleotide pairs in the human genome) and give us the best chance to find the cause (or causes) of AHC. This part of the project is now complete. The sequencing is finished.

We have just received the second installment of the Pepsi grant money which will be used to extensively analyze the massive amounts of data produced by the sequencing of each patient.  Patience will be critical, but we are hopeful that this round of testing will give us our best chance yet at finding the answer. We will eagerly await any news and will keep the AHC families apprised of any developments!

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