Brooke Tasi

HonorariumBrookVerticalBrooke was born in October 1990. She was diagnosed with AHC at age two and has been a strong-willed fighter ever since. Brooke wanted to display these pictures on the AHC website to inspire other individuals with AHC and their families and show them how hard work and determination can really pay off. She recently began working out at a local gym where she engages in a 30 minute circuit training routine.  For Brooke, exercising (whether at the gym or at home with her PT/OT) seems to be a mechanism for coping with the stresses caused by AHC. Physical therapy is and has been a very important part of Brooke’s life and is something she takes great pride in doing. It provides her with something positive to focus on.

Brooke enjoys giving back to the community by being a dedicated volunteer.

In addition to being a “gym rat,” Brooke enjoys giving back to the community by being a dedicated volunteer. She spends most weekday mornings helping out at a card store, a food pantry, a library, a historical society, and others. Volunteering provides valuable opportunities to showcase Brooke’s well-developed social skills, computer skills, and hardworking attitude, as well as learn a variety of new skills to further enhance her resume. Brooke possesses a strong desire to be able to do typical activities, and volunteering motivates her to continue to strive toward her goals and keep an optimistic outlook. She wants to instill that hope and positivity in other individuals who have AHC. Anything is possible despite the limitations and obstacles that may be bestowed upon us.

Brooke’s dream is that soon a cure will be found for AHC!



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