Step Up to END AHC Launched!

Our inaugural campaign has kicked off! Step Up to END AHC is a call to action for families to raise, not donate, $500 to fund ongoing and new research into AHC. Joining the effort is easy and personal…. Read More


This weekend we had an engagement for our oldest daughter. It was a lovely affair with family, the bridal party and close friends. Of course, AHC reared its ugly head and Kathleen went into an episode an hour… Read More

Welcome to Holland

We have so many new parents who are struggling with the diagnosis of AHC.  No matter how much we tell ourselves that we are happy to put a name to what our children are suffering from, it is the… Read More

Wine Women and Shoes was a success!

We are pleased to announce that our event ‘Wine Women and Shoes benefiting the Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood’ was a huge success. Because of the support and generosity of our sponsors, donors and guests, we raised over $80,000.00… Read More

Date Night

My mother-in-law always preached the importance of time with your spouse and made sure that my husband Mark and I went out every couple of months.  It was hard to get everything in place, be sure that all… Read More


When Kathleen was little, I didn’t give much thought to having a caregiver.  Family helped whenever we needed someone to watch Kathleen.  We were also fortunate to have neighborhood babysitter right across the street and as soon as… Read More


Often families look to the foundation for advice or the latest information that they can’t put their hands on. Last month, a parent asked the following questions: “I recently heard that in January the “ABLE” bill was passed… Read More

Welcome to our new and improved website!

Through the hard work of volunteers within the foundation, our web presence has been updated to reflect a brighter, cleaner, and more streamlined identity.All of the great information previously hosted on our “blue site” has been transferred and… Read More

Siblings – Part 1

As parents, we spend a lot of time dealing with our AHC children.  As a result, our other children may feel that their own needs have a lower priority to that of their AHC sibling.  In 2012, we… Read More


I hope everyone enjoyed Independence Day.  Independence… a word we take for granted on so many levels.  As parents, our goal is to make our children as independent as possible – ALL of our children.  Of course, independence… Read More