December 2016 Newsletter

Fimage-Blog NewletterDec

A holiday message from Lynn (our President), annual fundraising campaign has begun, families are making the news, AHC Consortium work is happening in Europe, and research papers are summarized in this month’s newsletter.  Read.Share.Enjoy

November 2016 Newsletter

Fimage-Blog NewletterNov

Our November newsletter is here! A thanksgiving message from Lynn Egan,  the Step Up to END AHC campaign has begun, Dine and Dance was a success, grant to support Timebombs doc awarded,  open fundraising webinar scheduled, and simple fundraising… Read More

September 2016 Newsletter

Fimage-Blog NewletterSept

Our September newsletter is here! Report from the London ATP1A3 symposium, AHC gets global attention in September, AHCF forms new partnership, Chicago Walk was a success, and Dine & Dance is coming in November. AHCF and the AHC community is… Read More

August 2016 Newsletter

Fimage-Blog NewletterAug

Our August newsletter is here! Re-capping our successful Family Meeting in Indianapolis, Research funds were awarded, Founding AHC researchers were honored, Research is published, the Chicago Walk is coming, Fundraising is happening, but needs your help. Please read,… Read More

May Newsletter

Fimage-Blog NewletterMay

The foundation is celebrating the kids at the Indianapolis Family Meeting, Duke publishes research article, Family meeting benefits outlined, Fundraising efforts coming, and Info Exchange articles discuss savings and behavior in our May Newsletter.  Read. Share. Enjoy.

April Newsletter

Fimage-Blog NewletterApr

There is always so much to report from the AHC community and AHC Foundation. Northwestern developing mouse model with European team mate,  AHC researchers in Europe collaborating with great results, AHCF hosting its 10th Family meeting in 20 years… Read More

March 2016 Newsletter

Fimage-Blog NewletterMarch

A huge donation is received, fundraising ideas for anyone, research articles summarized, grant is funded, family meeting registration is open, fundraisers were successful, and a few tax return ideas for our community are all covered in our latest… Read More

December Newsletter

Fimage-Blog NewletterDec

Year-End Fundraising continues, Mice Model research discussed, Charity Mania is back, new Director elected to the AHCF Board, and a Holiday Message from our President, Lynn Egan in this month’s AHCF Newsletter. Read. Share. Enjoy.

November Newsletter

Fimage-Blog NewletterNov

AHCF speaks with Medical Students, Giving Tuesday mission explained, AHCF achieves Silver GuideStar medal and Great Non-Profits badges, Research underway at Wake Forest,  and a thanksgiving message from AHCF in this month’s newsletter. Read, Share, Enjoy.

October Boosletter

Fimage-Blog NewletterOct

AHCF funds major research Grant, AHCF Impact Statement issued, our Vice-President speaks to med students at Northwestern, an exciting addition to our Medical Advisory Board, Fund raisers are successful and keep on coming, AHC International Media site is… Read More