Clean out the Kid’s closet, “Thred Up” and make $$ for AHCF – Now accepting Women’s Clothing Too!

Have you been wondering how you can get involved with Fundraising?? Here is a simple, easy and FREE idea that EVERYONE can do. Thred Up is an online consignment shop. It’s very simple!!

1. Follow this link

2. Order a bag (which is free) that will be mailed directly to your house,

3. Fill the bag with gently used children’s clothing (over 12+months) or women’s clothing!

4. Set out the pre-paid bag for your mailman, or drop off at any UPS store to be shipped free of charge.

All proceeds will benefit the AHCF! Please forward this to ALL of your friends, family, co-workers, church groups, etc to let them know how they can help!

The BONUS is Thred Up matches up to $1000 of our amount raised!

Spring is around the corner, so let’s clean out and make some money for research!

Please forward any questions to me, Mollie at Thanks for getting involved to find a treatment and ultimately a CURE!