Get Involved

From its Board of Directors, to its Family Support Newtork representatives, AHC Foundation is a volunteer run organization. This allows us to funnel the vast majority of the donations we receive into AHC research. It does mean, however, that we rely heavily on volunteers from the AHC community.

Please consider helping us out in the facilitation of our fundraising efforts, making a donation, raising awareness, volunteering your time and support of AHC patients and their families.


Make a tax-deductible contribution to Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.



Matching Donations

Many companies match donations, and some even double or triple your donation.  Check with your company to see if they match donations.

United Way and Corporate Giving Programs:

Many companies allow you to donate pre-tax dollars to your favorite charity.  Some companies do this through United Way, where you can designate AHC Foundation as the beneficiary.  Other companies have Employee Giving Programs which deduct a set amount from your pre-tax salary each month for AHCF.


Consider holding a fundraiser for AHCF.  We will help guide you through the process. Contact Vicky Platt via email:

Resources to get you started:

Set-Up an Honorarium to tell an AHC patient’s story.

You can help AHCF set-up a page for an AHC patient and share their story.  Provide the text and images to include, and we can format the page for inclusion into our Honorarium.  These can then be linked to collect donations on behalf  of that patient.  A personal connection to fund raising, and raising awareness within your networks.

Contact Joshua Marszalek by email.

Raise Awareness

Order END AHC wristbands, brochures and information cards, and spread the word about Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood and AHCFoundation.

Contact your local newspapers, television and radio stations to see if they will cover a story about AHC Foundation and your child with AHC.  You can even write the story yourself and make it easier for them!

Join a Research Study

Check with us about research studies needing volunteers.

Volunteer Your Time

AHCF is run by all volunteers and we can always use additional help.  Consider becoming a Family Support Representative or offer your personal talents in another way.

Contact for more details.