Join us by reviewing specific stories of our children and their families in their Honorarium pages.  Stories typically chronicle the arduous journey from strange symptoms through the relief and pain of diagnosis, as well as the adaptation of families to a life with AHC.  In addition to the fellowship created through sharing, the families put a personal touch to their fund raising efforts through these Honorariums.

Donate in honor of a specific child through their respective pages linked below.

Honorarium-PageKathleen Egan

Austin Erpenbeck

Sean Gerber

Rory Greenwood

Violet Holmes

Lisa Marie Hodes

Keira McCloskey

Kathryn Faith Marszalek

Cassidy Grace Peay

Tanner Rosebrook

Brooke Tasi

In Memorial:

Whitney (Whit) Mir

The Foundation encourages all families to create an Honorarium to add to the expanding picture of the AHC experience.  Put a face on the condition by sending us your story in a text document with images in separate files.  We will format the text and images into an Honorarium similar to these.  Contact Joshua Marszalek via email: joshua@ahckids.org