AHC Organizations

Below is a list of cooperative organizations internationally and links to their respective websites.  

We offer this list to illustrate the unity of the AHC community worldwide, as well as to assist our international families in finding more localized help.

We are always available for assistance.

Icon-IAHCRCInternational Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood Research Consortium (IAHCRC) was formed in 2012 to carry out a collaborative research that led to the identification of the ATP1A3 gene as the main cause of AHC.  The Consortium involves clinicians, geneticists and researchers working at University centers in Europe, USA and Australia; it operates in close collaboration with health professionals and patient organizations.


  AHC Federation of EuropeIcon-AHCFE  (AHCFE) Is comprised of AHC patient organizations in Europe. Their objectives are to promote awareness, support research, improve the quality of life for AHC families and represent the European AHC community within EU in regards to social and health politics, investment in scientific research and drug development.


AHCIA  Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood International Alliance  (AHCIA)- The alliance serves as a directory of AHC organizations, and individual contacts representing their country across the globe. Currently their are 32 countries represented. In addition there are universal postings, publications and videos of families and events.


Icon-ENRAHEuropean Network for Research On Alternating Hemiplegia (ENRAH)– Is a think tank for research and was the developer of the first and largest AHC registry in Europe.