Volunteers and private donations are the source of all the funds raised for any research into Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood; from any organization.  The AHCF has had great success supporting individuals and families to raise funds on behalf of the children of AHC.   The fundraising committee continually develops tools and resources for use by those who wish to join the effort to END AHC.  By building on the experience of our volunteers in this way, future fundraisers are more effective and momentum to a cure continues to build.  Please review our Fundrasing Resources to see what we can offer and what we are working to provide.

The funds in stewardship by the AHC Foundation are raised entirely by private donors through extensive effort on their part and that of their families. Through careful deliberation and consultation with professionals, the AHCF allocates these funds to grants that have significant impact on the status of AHC research and its progress to a treatment or a cure for AHC. Good stewardship of donated resources is of the highest priority to the foundation. In that spirit, we thought you might like to know where our resources go!

  1. Funding Clinical Trials – These clinical trials test drug efficacy to help alleviate and remedy some of the symptoms of AHC.
  2. Further the genetics research with additional targeted gene screening and developing genetic therapies.
  3. Supporting the Family Gathering – These are put together to speak on a one-to-one basis with researchers in the fields of genetics, psychology, and cognitive development to assist the parents and patients of AHC. It is also a time for parents and patients to exchange ideas with each other.
  4. Fund studies to evaluate the effectiveness of various cognitive, motor skill and behavioral development techniques to enhance the quality of life and independence of AHC sufferers now.
  5. Promote awareness via a multimedia awareness campaign aimed at the medical community and related health professionals, schools and caregivers and to help identify the likely numerous undiagnosed cases of AHC.
  6. Promote awareness by attendance at various targeted conferences directly related to AHC.

A list of grants in progress and grants completed that have been funded by or in-part by AHCF can be found in our Research Porjects page.  We also include those project in progress around the world related to AHC reasearch that our foundation has not had the privledge to fund.  It’s good to know what’s going on!

Administrative Overhead:

The AHC Foundation is comprised primarily of volunteers. However, the foundation incurs operating costs like any other philanthropic organization. We use our Giving Tree as a tool to illustrate to donors the few overhead items that are routinely incurred on an annual basis. We illustrate further, the impact various donations might have by listing larger administrative projects that contribute directly to our mission. Please find the Giving Tree here.

You can help AHCF in our mission to END AHC in three major ways:




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