Where Funds are Directed

The funds in stewardship by the AHC Foundation are raised entirely by private donors through extensive effort on their part and that of their families. Through careful deliberation and consultation with professionals, the AHCF allocates these funds to grants that have significant impact on the status of AHC research and its progress to a treatment or a cure for AHC. Good stewardship of donated resources is of the highest priority to the foundation.

For a list of Grants currently funded by the foundation and those funded in the past please click here.

The foundation’s 2015 Statement of Impact can be found here.

Administrative Overhead:

The AHC Foundation is an all volunteer organization. However, the foundation incurs operating costs like any other philanthropic organization. The foundation does currently hire an independent contractor as the foundation coordinator.  While the foundation incurs operating costs like any other philanthropic organization, we are extremely mindful of our expense as we do not receive any government support or funds.  We use our Giving Tree as a tool to illustrate to donors the few overhead items that are routinely incurred on an annual basis. We illustrate further, the impact various donations might have by listing larger administrative projects that contribute directly to our mission. Please find the Giving Tree here.