Grants awarded to Vanderbilt and University of Utah

The AHCF Board is pleased to announce that we have awarded the following grants to Vanderbilt University and the University of Utah:

2012 Molecular Physiology and Pharmacology of ATP1A3 Mutations in AHC

$94,535 grant awarded to Dr. Alfred George, Jr. and Dr. Kevin Ess at Vanderbilt University  to investigate the functional consequences of AHC gene mutations, to identify drugs or drug-like compounds with potential therapeutic effects in restoring normal gene function, and to develop advanced human cell models of AHC based on state-of-the-art induced pluripotent stem cell technologies.

2012 Novel Genetic Causes for AHC in Familial or Sporadic cases or both

$51,625 grant awarded to the Pediatric Motors Disorders Research Program at the University of Utah, Dr Kathryn Swoboda principal Investigator, to identify additional causative gene(s) in patients without mutations in ATP1A3.

For further information regarding these grants please contact AHCF Medical Liaison Sharon Ciccodicola @



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