IMCU Gives Back Program UPDATE

Some of you may have noticed that we are no longer a choice on the Indiana Members Credit Union voting contest for $6000. It was brought to our attention that because we are not in Indiana-based foundation we are not eligible for the contest. When we were nominated by an Indiana family, and subsequently included in the voting choices, we had assumed that we had been approved by the organization putting on the contest. All with the best intentions for our mission at  heart. So, we pursued garnering all of your support. And what support it has been! Unfortunately, IMCU did not review each entry for compliance prior to starting the event, and we have been removed from consideration for the $6000 prize.

IMCU has reached out to help make good in an unfortunate situation, and we appreciate very much the kind gesture outlined in their email below. They were not obligated in any way to do this kindness, and we think it speaks volumes to the character of the organization and the individuals who make it up.

Message from IMCU: “On behalf of Indiana Members Credit Union, we apologize for any confusion that was caused by Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood Foundation being included in the voting in the IMCU Gives Back contest.  AHCF is obviously a worthy cause and deserving of support. As a healthcare based not-for-profit ourselves, we understand the passion and the urgency behind the organizations searching for a cure for these type of rare diseases and have the utmost respect for the families involved.

As a local credit union, the IMCU Gives Back program was created to celebrate our 60th anniversary by giving back to the communities we serve.  As with any contest of this type, rules are legally required and must be followed.  One of the requirements is that the nominated organizations must be located in one of the counties served by Indiana Members Credit Union. Unfortunately, AHCF does not have an office in Indiana and thus is not eligible for this giveaway.  We are disappointed that this was not discovered sooner and have taken appropriate steps internally to try and avoid this happening for future giveaways.

While AHCF does not qualify for the contest, IMCU would still like to make a contribution to the cause.  On behalf of our members, Indiana Members Credit Union is making a contribution to support the Family Meeting taking place in Indianapolis this July.  We hope that this will help AHCF as they pursue a cure for this awful disorder.  – IMCU”

We certainly appreciate the family that nominated us. We hope to continue to be near the front of their minds. We would like to point out that the level of support through voting, sharing, and beating the bushes on the part of families and friends of AHC kids was tremendous! We were ahead by over 1000 votes and in 18 days we had over 3900 votes total. That is incredible, and should highlight the power of our networks. Let’s carry that momentum into the next effort to raise money to ultimately fund research to END AHC.
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