San Francisco – Thank You for a Great Family Meeting!

Lynn MacDonald EganAHC Kids Foundation:
AHCF 2012 Family Meeting has ended! I want to extend my appreciation and thanks to the work that Vicky, Sharon, and Pasquale (Sharon’s husband and foundation attorney) dedicated to making this meeting successful. This year’s attendance was the largest turn out in AHCF meeting history – 39 families – including families from the United States, Australia, Ireland, Bolivia, Canada, Iceland, Italy an…d France. It was fantastic to have so many board members present -Jeff Wuchich, Gene Andrasco, Mary Kay Riley, Carol Presunka, Bill Gerber and Mollie Erpenbeck, as well as the international presidents – Dominique Poncelin, Rosaria Vavassori, Siggi Johannesson and Caroline Dion. Thank you everyone for joining us! And to our doctors – thank you for your presentations, patient evaluations, collaboration and participation in various meetings this weekend and your continuous efforts in the search to find a cure! Last, but not least, a big thank you to our volunteers! We had such an amazing weekend! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

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