Schalick Fundraiser launched!

Thank you Meredith for hosting this fundraiser which helps support research for Emilia and all the kids!

222220df-fff4-4156-8321-afb688459895“My brave Emilia was diagnosed with AHC in 2014 but I noticed symptoms in the recovery room after her birth.  We just did not know it was AHC until a much later genetic test.  Emilia is kind, loving and funny.  What else can a parent ask for?  Yet, I wish her life also did not involve developmental delays, periods of paralysis and muscle weakness 2 to 3 times per week, and difficulty walking and other physical tasks that other children master easily.  I wish her speech was better so that she could engage more with friends and peers. I wish that she did not need a wheelchair whenever she gets over-excited or the temperature changes more than five degrees from the day before. I wish …”

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