Step Up Campaign is a Success!

Happy New Year to our AHC community, near and far!  2017 is starting off on a high note with wonderful, engaged families, incredible doctors focused on cutting edge research to find a treatment, and of course, generous donors who make it all possible.  On that note, we are thrilled to announce that through our Step Up Campaign, as well as two independent fundraisers, the AHC Foundation has received over $125,000.00 to further fund our pivotal research.  We are so thankful to the families, and their friends, who came together to make this happen for our AHC children.  It truly is the greatest gift.  With these funds, the AHCF will continue to fund the 2nd half of the research at Vanderbilt and Northwestern.  We will have more exciting news in the coming weeks, so stay tuned, stay hopeful and never, ever give up!  This is just the beginning of a very exciting year…

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