Step Up to END AHC

Welcome to our annual campaign to raise funds for important, and directed research into a treatment or cure for AHC.

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Team Organization – Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood
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You will need to login to make any changes to your personal page. You can change the team page because you have been designated team captain. If someone joins your team and wants to make changes, you will need to make them the team captain.

When people ask to join your team, remember to send them the link to your team page. This is where it will ask them to ‘join team’ and they will need to also create an account, join your team (your team name will show up) and set their goal. They don’t need to tell a story unless they want to but if left blank, there is a generic one that populates.

If you run into trouble, you can call first giving direct. They have been very helpful.
They are on the east coast and close at 5pm est. No after hours.

Not on Facebook?

Here is what you can send to your network along with the campaign flyer and the link to your fundraising page on firstgiving.
FLYER in PDF format

It is very exciting times in terms of research.  Right now we have the problem of how to raise enough money to fund it all of the potential projects that have been put in front of the foundation.  We currently have $510,000 in research grant requests that we can’t afford to fund. Our end of year goal is to raise $150K that will help us begin to fund these projects. Doctors are excited about the discovery of the ATP1A3 gene and we want to ensure we act upon that excitement. 

List of potential projects we want to fund.
$150,000 Dr. Kenneth Silver Univ. of Chicago Pharmaceutical Treatment
$130,000 Dr. Alfred George Northwestern Univ. Develop Mouse Models
$120,000 Dr. Kevin Ess Vanderbilt Univ. Accelerate Treatment Research
$50,000 Dr. Kathryn Swoboda Harvard Univ. Database for Drug Trial Preparation
$50,000 AHC Episode Tracker International Improve Quality of Life
$10,000 Alice Belgrade U.S. based Behavior Stud
$510,000 Total