University of Chicago adds ATP1A3 fact sheet to website!

The AHCF is pleased to share some exciting news with our AHC community!
The University of Chicago recently added an information fact sheet to their website titled, “ATP1A3 Analysis for Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood.” 
The information sheet is a wonderful explanation of genetic testing for AHC patients.

The main interest of the University of Chicago Genetic Services laboratory is in the translation of research findings into clinically available testing of genetic diseases.  To this end the DNA diagnostic laboratory works closely with research groups to develop new tests for genetic disorders as their genetic bases become identified. A primary focus of the laboratory is in the establishment and improvement of the diagnostics of neurodevelopmental disorders.

The DNA diagnostic laboratory also provides a clinical service of mutation confirmation in patients whose mutations have been identified in a research setting, for any gene, and subsequent testing of family members for the particular familial mutation. The lab is CLIA Certified (Number: 14D0917593) and CAP Accredited (Number: 18827-49) Their webpage can be found at:

The University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital is also home to Dr. Kenneth Silver. A pediatric neurologist and active researcher, Dr. Silver has one of the longest records for consistently treating AHC patients. We are thrilled to see the University of Chicago informing the public about AHC.

Additional information about Dr. Silver’s practice can be found at:

If you are interested in having a fact sheet to share with your family and friends, go to:

Our mission to increase awareness about AHC is working! Stay tuned for even more exciting news from the AHCF and fun ways to support the foundation.

Vicky Platt
Secretary, AHC Foundation

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