Walk Warriors for AHCF!

Are you looking for ways to help organize a walk or run to benefit the AHCF? Are you concerned about the time commitment for taking on such an endeavor? Are you uncertain how you would even begin? Or, maybe you are considering hosting an event and would like to just learn more before you decide. In either case, do we have good news for you! The AHCF is putting together a support group called the Walk Warriors.  The focus of the group will be to provide you with instruction and advice on how to host a walk, and or, run. Along the way you will   receive detailed instructions, sample documents, assistance with contacting the media, direction on how to handle the finances, and much, much more.

The Walk Warriors will be led by Vicky Platt.  Vicky currently serves on the AHCF Board of Directors and is the Foundation Secretary. Along with her husband Andy, and fellow Illinois AHC parents, Gene and Kelly Andrasco, they have teamed together for eight years and hosted a walk outside of Chicago. With the support of their family and friends they raise approximately $30,000 a year.  Learn from their success and have an amazing experience along the way.

To join the Walk Warriors simply send your contact information to Vicky Platt (Vicky@ahckids.org) or give her a call (847-337-9044). Upon joining the group, you’ll receive a document on how to get started. The group will hold conference calls throughout the year and chat on a variety of topics via email.  Walk Warriors will become a support group within the foundation where you can share concerns and exchange ideas

Are you a Walk Warrior in Waiting?

Well, wait no more. Please contact Vicky Platt by email (Vicky@ahckids.org) or phone (847-337-9044) and we will start you on the path to hosting a hugely successful event.

The AHCF Board of Directors

Gene Andrasco, Sharon Ciccodicola, Cate Cohen, Lynn Egan, Mollie Erpenbeck, Dr. Joe George, Bill Gerber, Doug Morris, Vicky Platt, Carol Presunka, Mary Kay Riley, and Sue Roberts