Welcome to our new and improved website!

Through the hard work of volunteers within the foundation, our web presence has been updated to reflect a brighter, cleaner, and more streamlined identity.All of the great information previously hosted on our “blue site” has been transferred and reorganized to better serve the family support aspect of our mission.We have added information too!  Our Fundraising tools will continue to expand so our community can continue to do the hard work of raising funds for research.  The community section has been streamlined to make it easier than ever for AHC families to engage with one another.  A Patient Care section is planned for completion in the coming months that will be full of both anecdotal and professional advice for the care of AHC patients, their families, and the future of both.  Our resources section has been fleshed out significantly in many categories, and more is coming all the time.  These aspects, and the addition of our blog, AHC365, will keep AHCKids.org a valuable resource for the entire AHC community.

Check back regularly, and follow us on Facebook to learn more about the site and new content.

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