Why We Attend the Meeting

Christine Vona recently shared with us why she has attended the AHCF Family meetings.  The Indianapolis Meeting will be her 8th!  Thank you Christine, for sharing the value you receive personally with our community.
FamilyMeetingSQ5From Christine –
“This is my 8th family meeting.  I love to go to the family meetings.
I get to see all the medical experts; they get to evaluate Kathleen each visit. They see her progress; I get to ask vital questions that I cannot get anywhere else about my daughter and learn about the latest research.
Over the last 4 family meetings the research has exploded, new information about the identified gene ATP1A3 now has new possibilities about research toward treatments. Her presence at each family meeting and evaluation increased the growing knowledge about AHC. This has allowed Kathleen to be a small part of the entire puzzle that helps the medical experts find out more and more about AHC. I am proud to be a part of this research and understanding of AHC.

meeting families from all over the world that have a child with AHC. No other place in the world will you be around parents and care givers that know exactly what you are going through with episodes, behavior issues and learning disabilities. This is a place to learn, listen, cry and laugh about our children only to come out of it with more learning tools for school teachers and therapists, new information to bring back to your personal doctors and finally a list of new parent resources and friends.”

FamilyMeetingSQ4The Family Meeting in Indianapolis is shaping up to be one of our best yet! Our 11th meeting in 20 years is
scheduled for July 15th-17th 2016 in Indianapolis; one of the most walk-able cities in the country.  Register for your spot in the family meeting, and have access to over 20 AHC experts in one place!

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