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The foundation prefers to review grant requests at the beginning of our fiscal year (July 1st) as part of our annual budget.  AHCF also accepts and reviews grant requests outside of this period based on budget availability.

Requests for grant funding should be submitted to the Vice President of Research. The requests are then shared with the AHCF Medical Advisory Board (MAB) for discussion. Upon receipt of the MAB’s recommendations, the AHCF Board of Directors decide the merit of the grant and determine if funding will be awarded.

If funding is granted, award letters are drafted and announcements are agreed upon before any public disclosure of the grant is made.

Fundraising specifically for an approved grant, or collaborating with another patient advocacy group, can help fund a grant.

Although we prefer to commit to a one-year project, longer term projects are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Grant Proposal

If you would like to submit a grant request, please include the following:

  • Summary of the project
  • Reasoning behind it
  • What you expect to prove – Aims and Goals
  • Overall funding amount requested
  • Detailed budget
  • Time period the grant will cover
  • Investigators involved


If you would like to submit a grant proposal for consideration, please contact:


Vicky Platt
Vice President of Research

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