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AHC is a complex disorder. AHCF is passionate about connecting caregivers to a supportive and experienced community while providing education and resources to help families cope with the diagnosis, understand the disease, and provide exceptional care for their loved one.

This journey isn’t easy, but AHCF is here to help your family succeed.

We’re Here to Help

Whether you are seeking an answer to routine AHC care, have a need for an expert opinion, or are in the midst of a crisis, AHCF can help.

Newly Diagnosed with AHC?

We know this is a scary and overwhelming time. We are here to help you learn about AHC, cope with the realities of AHC, and, when you are ready, join the fight to end AHC.

Recognizing What can Trigger AHC Episodes

AHC episodes are precipitated by varying stimuli particular to each individual. Being able to identify triggers will help you to prepare for life’s interruptions and manage them when they occur.

Patient Care for Episodes

Episodes can be unique and tricky to care for. This overview of episode care is a good start to caring for your AHC child and yourself.

AHC Clinics in the United States

The AHC Community is fortunate to have a number of clinics available throughout the country where we can consult with experienced AHC professionals. Learn about the differences between them.

The AHCF was an invaluable resource when we got our son’s diagnosis. The information and support they provide for our family are unavailable anywhere else. The service they provide families comes at such a vulnerable time, and they know exactly what’s needed. We love this organization!

Byrne Family, Valparaiso, Indiana

Learn what it is like to live with AHC

AHC is unlike any other disorder. Families share their experiences with AHC to educate others and provide a community.

How We are Working to END AHC

AHCF maximizes each donation by allocating 95 cents of every dollar to provide family support while funding cutting-edge research projects to create treatments and a cure for AHC.