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Whether a family member was just diagnosed or you have been on the AHC journey for years, AHCF Family Support volunteers are here for you.  Our team consists of parents of individuals with AHC who understand what you are going through. Connecting with our AHC community becomes an extension of your family.  We share in the daily trials of this complex and unpredictable neurological disorder and are here to encourage you on your journey.

When you register with AHCF, you become part of the AHCF family:

  • Add your family to the AHCF directory
  • Receive our newsletter and updates on research
  • Receive information on attending our AHCF Family Meeting
  • Receive assistance from the AHCF Family Support Team
  • Participate in AHCF research and surveys
  • Gain access to the most experienced AHC doctors and resources
  • Network with other AHC families
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