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We’re Making an Impact

AHCF efforts to end AHC will revolutionize the treatment of monogenic diseases and provide life-saving opportunities far beyond the AHC community.

Over 450 U.S. families affected by AHC rely on AHCF.
AHC individuals from 55 + countries are connected to the AHC community through AHCF.
14 Family Meetings hosted and 13 international symposiums supported since 1995.

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How Your Donation Helps Us Help Others

Good stewardship of donated resources is of the highest priority to the foundation. Funds are raised entirely by AHC families through extensive effort. AHCF allocates these funds through careful deliberation with professionals and leading scientists to significantly impact AHC families through education, family support and research.

Measuring Our Impact

Ninety-five cents of every dollar donated funds groundbreaking research and provides support to families until we end AHC. Every donation brings us one step closer to a cure.

Connect with Families

AHCF welcomes AHC Families and their supporters to become part of our fellowship network, engaging with us and each other, through various opportunities.

Hear it from Our Families

AHCF becomes a vital part of an AHC individual and their family’s life providing support for initial diagnosis through different ages and challenges that arise.

"AHCF has given me hope. I'll never forget that first phone call from Heather after our diagnosis. I cried because I had found people who knew exactly how I felt—lost, hopeless, and scared. She comforted me and gave me hope. Then I spoke to Joshua Marszalek, and he gave me purpose. I volunteered on committees and eventually joined the Board. I feel like I am actively doing something to help Estella and all children with AHC. AHCF allows me to play my part and serve our wider community in the hope and belief that we will one-day END AHC.”
Stephen Henderson AHC parent, AHCF board member
“Volunteering on the board for AHCF has made me feel like there is something I can do for my daughter with AHC when otherwise I feel so helpless. “
Katelyn Wilson AHC Parent, AHCF board member
“The AHCF provided us with a network of families that shared tips, doctors, insight, and comfort that we could not have gotten anywhere else. Our kids are rare, but the bonds the foundation help to build are equally as special.”
Kate Byrne AHC parent and AHCF board member
“I have never felt more a part of something than I do through the support system I have found through AHCF. I have gained so much more knowledge, tips, support, and education about AHC than I ever would have got anywhere else.”
Laura Douglas AHC Parent