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Support our events!

AHC families and friends host events across the country to support the mission of AHCF to end AHC. Support one of the events listed below or get an idea to host an event of your own. Be sure to let us know and we will spread the word here!

Join us on June 3rd, 2023 for Norah’s CREWsaders Charity event!

This year we will be raising money to support the AHC foundation as well as Norah’s medical needs.

Help support a worthy cause through Warriors for Kathryn with Wine Bingo, Texas Hold’em, Dinner, Basket Raffle, Quilt Raffle, and more!

Fundraising Ideas

There are so many ways to fundraise and support the AHCF and we want to help you find something you love!

Friends and Family Letter or Email. Prepare a letter for your friends and family sharing your journey with AHC, the need for research, and what it means to you.

Neighborhood Yard Sale. Ask your friends and neighbors to join in for a yard sale. Donate the proceeds to AHCF. Get a realtor involved to sponsor the event, run an ad in the paper and create maps/flyers.

Casual for a Cure. Employees pay $5.00-$10.00 to dress in casual clothes.

Product Promotions. Ask friends that sell jewelry or own a bakery to dedicate a sales night to benefit AHCF.

Theater Benefits. Ask a local theater to hold a benefit performance for AHCF.

Concert for a Cure. Find a band who will hold a benefit concert for AHCF.

Picture a Cure. Find a professional photographer who will donate his/her time to take pictures for families and donate the proceeds to AHCF.

Poker Party. Invite your friends over for a fun night of poker in exchange for a donation to end AHC.

Bake Sale. Ask friends and family to bake some of their favorite goodies and sell them at an event or local business.

Golf Fore a Cure. Hold a golf tournament to benefit AHCF. Three AHCF families hold these on an annual basis and have raised a significant amount of money!

Walk-a-thon or Bike-a-thon. Ask your friends to participate in one of these events, and collect donations beforehand from friends and family. Donations can be flat or based on length of time, miles covered, etc.

Bowl-a-thon. Find a local bowling alley to sponsor the event; and invite friends and family to bowl in exchange for a donation to AHCF.

Ideas for Kids:

Dog Wash. Offer to wash the dogs in your neighborhood for a $5.00-$10.00 donation.

Lemonade Stand. Set up a lemon stand at an event or in your neighborhood.

Creations for a Cure. Have kids make bracelets, necklaces, etc. and ask for donations for their masterpieces.

Car Wash. Get your friends together and wash cars in exchange for donations to end AHC.

Restaurant Nights. Restaurants will donate a percentage of sales to AHCF on a predetermined date. Create a flyer and distribute to your fellow students and enjoy a fun evening that benefits AHCF.

Not ready to fundraise, yet? You can still be a part of ending AHC, donate now!

Not ready to fundraise, yet? You can still be a part of ending AHC, donate now!

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