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The AHC Foundation hosts a biennial “family meeting” conference that allows families to meet face-to-face, hear presentations on quality-of-life topics, get research updates from the leading projects in AHC, plus make connections that will last a lifetime.

Lynn Egan states, “Imagine having the opportunity to attend a meeting where you as a parent and your child are not alone. You can discuss, compare, cry, challenge, and vent with each other. Each family has a ‘million dollar baby,’ and with it does not come wealth and notoriety. It comes with day-to-day trials, fears, and sometimes despair.”

It is an incredible opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, hear from researchers, chat with doctors, and learn from everyone attending the meeting.

The planning committee spends many months working hard to make certain that the meeting is educational and inspirational and meets the needs of our families. Many families have formed connections and friendships that stretch across the country and the world.

Meeting locations are purposely selected from different cities across the United States to make it easier for families to attend from various regions as much as possible.

Family Meeting 2025

Exciting news coming soon! We have big plans for our 2025 family meeting. It’s a great time to meet a committed, wonderful group of people determined to find a cure. You’ll also experience in person an amazing and supportive community and learn about the latest research. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news.

Family Meeting Archive

The Foundation has hosted family meetings since 1997. Explore them here through their agendas, presentations, and galleries.

Presentations from past meetings can be found on our YOUTube Channel
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