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In 2012, after the ATP1A3 gene discovery for Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood was found, a symposium for ATP1A3-related diseases was begun. The symposium brings together prominent scientists, clinicians, and family foundations to:

  • discuss the role of the ATP1A3 gene in rare neurological diseases.
  • present further research progress on AHC, RDP, CA(P)OS, and other ATP1A3-related diseases.
  • discuss various symptomology and how to address them to improve the quality of life for patients now and with respect to clinical trials.
  • plan new research and include clinical teams in the ongoing work.

The AHCF is pleased to support the goals and objectives of the symposium by donating funds to offset the cost of the meeting as well as providing stipends to researchers or medical specialists from the United States.

For any inquiries or further information on ATP1A3 meetings, contact:

If you like to receive updated information on the ATP1A3disease Symposia, please provide: your name, affiliation, and email address

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